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Diamonds are precious stones adored by every jewelry lover. Diamonds are available in different colors, but many of us are only aware of clear colorless diamonds. For some time, it has become the benchmark for high-quality diamond jewelry. Over the years, many people think that clear diamonds are just way too common, and they crave for something unique, which led to the rise of colored diamonds, especially chocolate diamonds.

Chocolate diamonds by Le Vian

The Le Vian Group is a leading jewelry maker specializing in precious diamonds such as clear diamond, vanilla diamonds, and chocolate diamonds. It was the first company that used high-quality brown diamonds in crafting different kinds of jewelry pieces. Brown diamonds have nitrogen particles, which give the stone brown hue variations. Rich, dark chocolate diamonds have a high co

Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds(R) (PRNewsFoto/Le Vian Corp.)


concentration of particles, which make it perfect for people who are looking for an intense brown diamond color.

High-quality brown diamonds are rare. You cannot just find them elsewhere. So, if you want to get the real thing, then make sure you buy straight from Le Vian or from its authorized dealers. The price varies depending on the number of diamonds used, size, clarity, rarity, color, cut, and the presence of irregularities. You should be very careful when buying chocolate diamonds because there are jewelers selling fake diamonds. If you don’t know how to spot genuine from fake ones, then you will most likely end up buying the fake ones. Always ask for proof of authenticity, especially when buying from an online source. The jewelry may look real at a glance, but only expert eyes can tell if the product is authentic or not.

Genuine chocolate diamonds are exquisitely beautiful. They are regal, elegant, timeless, and classic. They are the kind of diamonds that knows no time for their beauty shines through forever. Looking back, brown diamonds are considered inferior in the diamond world. They are too common that even ancient jewelers don’t like using them as a jewelry piece. Good thing Le Vian has come up with a unique and creative way to use brown diamonds as a jewelry piece. Today, they are the most sought after jewelry pieces and people from all over the world love them. As a matter of fact, even celebrities and popular people of the society were spotted wearing chocolate diamonds. Le Vian Group continues to innovate their designs to make sure that it always has something fresh to offer to diamond jewelry lovers.


Chocolate Diamonds – the Conspriracy

In this special post Chocolate Diamonds, I will be going to discuss David Yurman Rings which can be worn at several functions. A really colorless diamond is quite rare, so it might be said that one perfect in crystallization is infrequently. In reality over 300 natural diamond hues are uncovered. They sparkle brilliantly although the pendants that are essential tend to be easy. These rings can be found in several designs, various styles and contours. This will let the jeweler to help you in the simplest way possible. The truth is, this isn’t true. Then add ice cubes and keep combining for an additional minute.

Excellent diamonds will locate a buyer if they’re offered a little under the business cost. The great thing about those diamonds is that there’s an extensive range in affordability. It really is always advisable to avert those diamonds that have shallow crown heights and quite gigantic facets. And giving something valuable to somebody even more precious is among the very best presents ever. But nothing appears to have come of it.

Shopping online is an excellent approach to get this essential symbol of your own love. Moreover, if you value, you are going in order to organize with the chocolate diamond ring applying a number of other diamond along with rocks manner too. Yet, that’sn’t the sole area you could shop for any of these designs. Which isn’t to say that they’re not of exceptional value. If it seems like you then you’re in luck. There are a big variety of designs settings together with which one may select with this lovely jewel.

Will be that tiny little particular although most jewellery will earn an excellent gift for your woman that is own. To begin with, you’ll need to decide whether the girl you adore is more probable to put on a pendant that is been set in white gold or yellow gold. Because you can see, regardless of the type of diamond pendant necklace you want to buy for the woman you adore, you’ll have lots of choices. Also, don’t have your own heart set on an all – diamond that is black that is natural unless you actually have the money to buy one and know precisely where to locate a genuine black diamond. White diamonds will be the simplest to uncover, and, will go the woman in your life is not unlikely to wear on those occasions that are distinguishing. No matter the name, don’t forget it might be stunning to wear and that it’s exactly the same stone.

The history of chocolate diamonds shows that lots of different colored diamonds are found through the whole years. The watches are frequently adorned with distinct modest chocolate diamonds, and most often also integrate some little white diamonds. In reality clean colored diamonds are extremely rare. Diamonds are located in tons of colours. Brownish diamonds come in various sizes, shapes in addition to colors.. These stones are created in a huge array of types, designs and cuts.

Past the metals along with designs, there are a marvelous selection of options in the variety of jewelry available. But, there’s merely a style that’s growing and a growing number of individuals are interesting within the black diamond for their distinctive jewelry. They’re fond of trying out various arrays of jewelry. Lovely jewelry can be created from this magnificent rock, which will be obtainable in a wide selection of jewelry stores and on-line sites like Amazon. There are numerous designs available, and virtually they all can be utilized for this particular specific purpose.

Studs are a staple of several trend fans on account of their versatility. Because more crystal weight is retained by these diamonds Princess cut is just as popular with diamond cutters. Easy and single stud earrings are absolutely popular because of their versatility. These earrings are superb sparkles within the day in addition to perfect for a glamorous evening. It is possible to select from so a number of accessible designs for necklaces that are magnificent. In addition it’s possible to revel in wearing diamonds in a type of jewelry. Chocolate diamond jewelry has quite several options to select from. There are a huge number of internet stores as well where you can buy the most astonishing assortment of diamond rings. These rings come at quite a cheap cost also. Strive to make comparisons with several other diamonds, and make a brilliant purchase. Sterling silver will help you save cash whilst platinum can substantially raise the overall cost of the jewelry you’re purchasing. HRD could function as best-known firm for diamond certifications.

modern-day Engagement Rings – An Alternative To Gold And Diamonds

So ensure to do it as early as possible to preventhold-ups.

March 13 is an authentic gem when it involves click this link holidays! It’s National Treasure Day, an annual vacation that commemorates wonderful sparklers of all shapes, different colors, cuts and also sizes. After all, rubies are a lady’s buddy, right?

The Ace is the high card. The overall diamond weight of this good-looking ring is 0.25 carat weights, all which beam as vibrantly as his eyes will certainly when you present him with this distinct tip of your love.

< img src ="" size =" 400"/ > One more element why the cushion cut diamond functions so well is that it takes care of great deals of various settings. Palladium looks much closer to palladium, just lighter and also much more budget-friendly. A cushion cut diamond has even more leading area and much less deepness, so it exists flatter and also appears bigger.

Do you wish to progress at an ability, perhaps a music guitar? Do you want to be a far better conversationalist with various other people? Do you desire to control worry and find out how you can deal with satisfaction, with happiness, as well as with joy? Do you desire to instruct others what you have found up previously from your encounters and your wisdom? Specific growth is typically accompanies years and also years of discovering oneself, of unknowning who they actually are within, and also then one day discovering things in life that makes them thrilled in addition to ending up being more in sync with oneself with the mind and body.

Below is a tiny checklist representing a few of the World’s a lot of well-known rubies that cost millions. Various other prominent steels are palladium and also 18K white gold. Because of the reality that it makes it to ensure that the diamond is not his explanation too tall, the pillow is the ideal cut for a solitaire. While the origins of this vacation are unknown, possibilities are pretty excellent a jeweler or girl came up with the idea. For this reason, Celtic wedding celebration event rings regularly take advantage of gold. White gold, on the various other hand, often tends toshow put on a lot easier compared to the other metals. If you can disclose some very early signs of yellowing, you can always visit the nearestjeweler and ask him to “redip” it. It is reallyappropriate for fragile items and for ladies that have little fingers. The niche that envelopes it is layered with striking deep blue rhodium. For example, a round reduced diamond or even a princess cut ruby that is a carat weight or even more will certainly stick up very tall from the ring itself. Select the designs that complement that look along with with your personality. They will absolutely do exactly what you want, radiate the steel up, and it will certainly be like chocolate diamonds new! Some shopshave the ability to do the procedurefast, while others mayuse approximately 2 weeks. This list develops the basis for my own individual selection and also my favourites.

deluxe ruby watches, karat white gold, pearl wedding fashion jewelry, organic fancy colored. You can have a good time with the Ace as being the high card or the low card, as a one, yet this should be specifiedbefore the begin of the on the internet video game. The 10 karat White Gold Men’s Tension Establish Ruby Ring is a suitable choice for your special person. In a lot ofgames, the ace could be either high or low.

Of program, girls, your hubby will appreciate getting a ruby ring on your wedding event wedding anniversary, also. Crafted in 10 karat white gold with a satin surface area, this ring includes one solitary round cut ruby placed in a stress setting. Yellow gold is the most ideal for that standard appearance. These are the spades, brown diamonds clubs, diamonds and hearts. The metal could likewise be quickly developed to different designs, knots and patterns.

Howeverdo n’tfret! You could still have the charm of platinum without spendingtoo much. There are 4fits in the poker deck

A Perfect Gift

547ac847bfebcb183f7437d459077e5dI don’t know if you do agree with me, but this one sure looks very unique! I absolutely love the design! It embodies confidence and individuality, it is intricately created and the construction is very clean. The price is pretty fair based on the materials used and how good it looks. You can definitely pair it with any elegant outfits, you will surely look stunning with this earring on you. Le Vian Chocolate Diamond174 and Vanilla Diamond174 Earrings in 14k Strawberry Gold174 is another impressive jewelry in Le Vian’s Chocolate Diamond Collection. They have a line up of beautiful pieces of jewelry that will truly enchant anyone. If you are planning to 

If you are planning to give something for your girlfriend or your wife, you should get this one. I’m pretty sure you’ll see the biggest smile and the tightest hug for you. Visit their website to see more of their collection. 

Jewelry Purchasing Made Easy

Precious jewelry is a wonderful device to any type of clothing. Denims and also a shirt can look so normal, however combined with a cute beefy bracelet, or an enjoyable set of jewelries, even the dullest attire could look special. A colorful collar pendant could illuminate any kind of appearance, and also a distinctly beaded ankle bracelet can accompany any old skirt. Mix and also match conventional looks with nontraditional jewelry items to produce distinctive looks you’ll enjoy.

The initial thing you will think about is luxury products such as Diamond Necklaces or costly watches. Yet just what regarding interaction rings, anniversary gifts, birthday celebration presents, valentines presents, etc? Regardless of what the economic climate resembles individuals are still getting engaged and wed. Couple of people will certainly take the chance of the rage of an unhappy spouse by not purchasing a gift for a wedding anniversary or birthday celebration. Although the market could be struck hard by economic fluctuations as much as high ticket purchases based on impulse. The common occasions maintain it afloat and also compensations are usually charitable due to the cost of such things.

You should protect all precious jewelry from blemishes, sharp blows, chemical and also oil exposure, and extreme temperatures. Additionally, remember straight exposure to sunlight could blemish precious jewelry. That’s why you should have a box to save them. You could put cloths to separate clanky items to avoid scratching.

A marital relationship is a wonderful event for the couple. The whole family, relatives and close friends obtain with each other to commemorate the joyous celebration. Celebrations increase the delight. As well as when you welcome your family and friends members to be part of the celebrations, it is for certain that you will certainly leave no rock unturned to make it the very best. The bride as well as bridegroom will certainly make it an indicate look attractive as it is their day. And also the friends and family will can be found in one of their best wardrobe and also with magnificent jewelry. It is a well understood fact that Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds especially the diamond wedding event rings are liked on special day. The couple exchange it to show their passion to every other and also it is likewise a part of the customs in different societies.

Everyone is trying to avoid the streets, the criminal offenses, as well as the hopelessness of the ghetto. Who would certainly intend to stay about and also elevate children because setting? Yet it a belief of mine that you never neglect where you come from. The reason that a whole lot individuals have actually gotten right into certain vices is due to the fact that when you have actually seen all these selections lead back to the streets, it’s frustrating. Why try?

You are your personal individual with your own style and your personal sense of style. Your chocolate diamonds should improve that while at the very same time enhancing it. You could even take into consideration purchasing even more than one set of diamond jewelries.

Precious jewelry is to enhance, not to subdue. You do not desire the dangling glittering fashion jewelry to swipe all the interest from your gown. You need a balanced look. Don’t place on all items of fashion jewelry together as that will make you look ugly and also tasteless. Choose just two or 3 pieces from jewelries, lockets, rings and bracelets. In some cases one item is enough if you have actually obtained an ornate senior prom dress.

Cost effective outfit fashion jewelry is always a style right, however exactly what concerning those times when you need a little bit much more design and also polish? Just how about a hair of pearls, diamond earrings, or a tennis bracelet that connects everything together?

Discerning Details On Buying Ruby Jewelry

Exactly what is the one tension buster for a lady? Purchasing, obviously! And if it is fashion jewelry buying, even better! Nothing pleases a female a lot more than adorning herself with precious jewelry as well as ornaments. Gold, ruby or perhaps synthetic precious jewelry, every one of them put a smile on a ladies’s face.

Custom-made fashion jewelry is for those who wish to use jewelry as per their design. Chocolate Diamonds and gold precious jewelry are something which thrills every person as well as which most of us will like to possess. In a standard marital relationship, these kinds of jewelry are a must. This fashion jewelry can include gems, emerald, sapphire, ruby and so on.

When it involves jewelries, exactly what is more spectacular than a pair of chocolate diamonds? Some individuals choose to use diamond jewelries that are studs, while various other prefer earrings that hang from the ear. Either choice could look amazing with the ideal setting as well as rocks. Regular settings for ruby earrings can be gold or platinum. Just like other diamond jewelry, in some cases the look of the item could be enhanced by utilizing various other gems. At the end of the day, it is strictly an issue of taste.

Square neck line gown – A square-necked outfit is a remarkable setup for showing a round collar necklace. A brief ruby or crystal pendant is additionally a fantastic option.

There are complete Diamond Necklaces that could be differentiated according to their size. These are choker, princess and opera. Complete diamond necklaces are greater than simply a chain of rubies. They have small bezel collections in the center. Some of the various other complete ruby pendants make a bib form, with diamond chains hanging down in the front.

Allow me simply start by claiming that The Spy Next Door stars Jackie Chan. That alone should give you a great idea of just what to expect: his trademark mix of action and also funny. He plays a covert spy that is babysitting children. This might be an excellent family members choice, especially if you have youngsters in the 8-12 age range.

Getting ruby interaction rings has actually never ever been this simple. With countless styles to choose from, people are now simply overwhelmed with the options. From straightforward events to significant, exquisitely crafted precious jewelry, the ruby interaction rings can be found in numerous forms, kinds, designs and also types. Just what makes all this better is the on-line flavor of ruby fashion jewelry – with many shops and also sellers bringing their brochure online, there is just no limit to the selections. Customers can undergo countless layouts before zeroing on the appropriate one for their preference as well as order diamond jewerly on the internet itself – to be delivered right at their doorstep.

The 17th Annual Miami Beach Antique Jewelry & Watch Show Reports Increased Attendance and Brisk Exhibitor Sales

MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–dmg world media today reported increased attendance and that guy brisk exhibitor sales at click through the next web page the 17th Annual Miami Beach Antique Jewelry & Watch Show. The show was held November 13-15, at the Miami Beach Convention Center and showcased magnificent antique jewelry, gemstone and watch collections.

The three-day show exhibited stunning antique jewelry and unique signed designer pieces, such as a rare Georgian poison crown ring made with mine cut diamonds with a natural blue cabochon sapphire, circa 1790-1870. The show also showcased a spectacular bracelet worn by Halle Berry to the Emmys and a pair of fabulous earrings worn by teen actress Selena Gomez on the red carpet.

In light of the current economy, dealers were able to offer collectors and enthusiasts of antique jewelry and watches an outstanding selection and depth of inventory, said Andrea Canady, fair director for the Miami Beach Antique Jewelry & Watch Show. This show was a perfect venue where collectors, dealers and antique aficionados could purchase impressive merchandise to kick-off the antique season.

Exhibitor comments on the last day of the show were favorable.

Were completely surprised about the strong attendance and turnout due to the economy, said Hartley Brown with Hartley Brown in New York, N.Y. A lot of the people were interested in purchasing antique pieces versus vintage pieces.

Michael Kanners with Michael Kanners Jewelers in Miami, Fla., said, After a hiatus from the show, I was able to reconnect and forge new and existing relationships with customers. The show was a wonderful opportunity to further establish my presence in Miami.

We did very well at this years show. We sold a lot of watches and developed new relationships, said Pawel Goj, manager with The show was in-line with our expectations.

Kurt Rothner with Excalibur in Los Angeles, Calif., said We were pleasantly surprised with the level of sales and the group of exhibitors at this years show.

The next show on the U.S. calendar for dmg world media is the 49th Annual Original Miami Beach Antique Show set for January 21-25, 2010, at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami Beach, Fla.

For additional show information about dmg antique shows, please call 239-732-6642 or visit

About dmg world media

The Miami Beach Antique Jewelry & Watch Show is just one of more than 250 market-leading trade exhibitions, consumer shows and fairs that dmg world media produces each year in the United States, the United Kingdom and France. The company also publishes more than 40 related magazines, newspapers, directories and market reports. dmg world media employs 700 people and maintains a worldwide presence through more than 30 offices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, the United Arab Emirates, China, Australia and New Zealand. dmg world media is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Daily Mail and General Trust plc (DMGT), one of the largest and most successful media companies in the United Kingdom. Follow us on Twitter at: MiamiAntiquShow or Facebook at: For additional information, visit

London Fashion Week: Pictures, Videos, Breaking News

Photo credit: Tom AlexanderSource: nudemole magazine…

Lydia Hughes

Editor of nudemole magazine //

The FashionTech fusion is exploding everywhere except, it seems, in Paris. From Burberry’s bold decision to sell to consumers direct from the runway…

Sissi Johnson

FashionTech, Sustainability & Lifestyle. Catch me in Paris, NYC or @AskSissi

At the height of London Fashion Week, 2016, and in its celebra…

Lydia Hughes

Editor of nudemole magazine //

Hate the cold but love winter clothes ?Designers Anna October and Lalo’s dreamy and fluffy knitwear are must-haves. From Kuzyomin’s timeless sophi…

Sissi Johnson

FashionTech, Sustainability & Lifestyle. Catch me in Paris, NYC or @AskSissi

On that day, the story was two-fold: the fashion of course, but also the inspiring tale of a Londoner once homeless in Paris, the city he now calls home.

Sissi Johnson

FashionTech, Sustainability & Lifestyle. Catch me in Paris, NYC or @AskSissi

If you don’t already have a turtleneck, go buy one. Now. Hell, even if you own a few, you should consider a one more — maybe in super thin merino wool or cashmere (it’ll take up less room in your suitcase).

Fingers, noses, lips, ears, breasts and even belly buttons are covered with resin and then plaster bandages to create unconventional, quirky jewellery pieces and accessories.

Contemporary Culture Video Magazine

From the international runways of New York, Paris and Milan we’ve compiled five spring runway-inspired looks for your home.

Matthew Meisner

Principal Designer at Toronto-based boutique design agency Heirloom & Knot

Kicking off with Naomi Campbell’s Fashion for Relief show at Somerset House. A star-studded line up, with faces from stage to screen, graced the runway to raise funds to fight Ebola. I loved the party atmosphere, as did the models, who broke into dance mid strut down the catwalk.

As one of the very few black women working in this field, it pains me to see how little we are represented on the catwalk, front row and backstage.

Dana Oliver

Executive Fashion And Beauty Editor, The Huffington Post

I caught up with Dee as Fashion Week officially unravels in all of its glory to learn more about the web series, the mix of comedy and fashion, and the good news that the show may be destined for cable.

Greg Archer

Author, Journalist, Humorist, Cultural Moderator, More …

Inspired by the season’s most sophisticated runway fashions, all the pastries and confections are designed after specific looks.

Silicon Valley may be the historical mecca of the tech startup, but when it comes to the world of fashion technology, London has positioned itself to be the simply click the up coming internet page center of everything digital fashion.


Mobile and Web Design and Development Company Based in New York and London.

Perhaps the most dichotomous artistic event of the year, Fashion Month throws together polar opposites that truly shouldn’t work but view just do

Serena Guen

Founder and Editor in Chief of Suitcase Magazine

It’s ten years since GILES launched at London Fashion Week. Here the brand’s creative director tells us why change is on the horizon.He had Jean C…

Contemporary Culture Video Magazine

If you’ve worked your way through all ten, congratulations! Now do this five times over with no sleep and no food. Welcome to fashion.

Preteen shows plus-size fashion line on NYFW

Scenes from New York Fashion Week 2016

Models walk the runway wearing Ralph Lauren’s fall 2016 line during New York Fashion Week. Here are scenes from the nine-day event in New York City, which showcases upcoming fashions from the world’s leading designers.

Scenes from New York Fashion Week 2016

Lily Aldridge, Irina Shayk, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss, Jourdan Dunn, Elsa Hosk and Alanna Arrington (left to right) pose in Diane Von Furstenberg’s fall 2016 show.

Scenes from New York Fashion Week 2016

A model walks the runway at the Victoria Beckham fall/winter 2016 fashion show. The former Spice Girl launched her womenswear label in 2008 and has grown it into a thriving empire.

Scenes from New York Fashion Week 2016

Fashion designer Michael Kors makes an energetic entrance onto the runway at his line’s fall/winter 2016 show. Kors’ company, launched in 1981, makes a wide range of men’s and women’s clothes, accessories, footwear, watches, jewelry, eyewear and fragrances.

Scenes from New York Fashion Week 2016

A model shows off a furry coat at the Vera Wang fall/winter 2016 fashion show. Wang’s glamorous evening wear has been worn by everyone from Sandra Bullock to Michelle Obama.

Scenes from New York Fashion Week 2016

A model displays an ensemble by Altuzarra, a luxury women’s ready-to-wear brand launched in New York by designer Joseph Altuzarra in 2008.

Scenes from New York Fashion Week 2016

A model walks the runway at the Alexander Wang autumn/winter 2016 fashion show. Wang (no relation to Vera Wang) is a young American designer who favors a black palette and whose lines are stocked in more than 700 stores around the globe.

Scenes from New York Fashion Week 2016

A model walks the runway wearing Yigal Azrouel’s fall 2016 line. An Israeli-American designer, Azrouel launched his first line in New York almost two decades ago.

Scenes from New York Fashion Week 2016

A parade of models stroll the runway at the Proenza Schouler show at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Proenza Schouler is a New York-based womenswear brand founded in 2002 by designers Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, who named it after their mothers’ maiden names.

Scenes from New York Fashion Week 2016

A model displays Opening Ceremony’s fall 2016 line. The Opening Ceremony brand was founded in 2002 by two friends from UC Berkeley, Carol Lim and Humberto Leon.

Scenes from New York Fashion Week 2016

Models walk the runway wearing Rodarte’s fall 2016 line. The American luxury label was founded by Kate and Laura Mulleavy in Los Angeles in 2005 and is known for intricately crafted, multi-layered clothes.

Scenes from New York Fashion Week 2016

Models work the runway during the Zac Posen fall 2016 fashion show. Posen’s designs have been worn on the red carpet by such stars as Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon, and he is currently redesigning the uniforms for Delta Air Lines’ employees.

Inside a Multi-Million Dollar Diamond Heist Ring Video

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